Are you tired of ruining Christmas and New Year with your drinking?

Are family and friends sick of your unpredictable behaviour?

Are those credit card bills at the end of January a hill too high to climb?

Well, listen in to this eight part radio series Tom Cartwright and I recorded on Bondi Radio in 2017.

It is an honest, raw and real expose.

Men and women tuned in from Canada, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, South East Asia, Japan, China, New Zealand and of course Australia.

We even got wonderful feedback from sea faring couples on their yachts.

The series helped hundreds of people.

In the final episode we talk about not drinking over Christmas and New Year. It is about ‘setting yourself up for success, not failure!’

Simple tips and advice.

In Australia’s boozy party culture, and with our unhealthy relationship with alcohol, choosing not to drink over the holiday season is a huge victory and a massive milestone.

If you can manage not to drink booze over Christmas and New Year you are a legend and a disruptor.

You become wealthy in mind, body, spirit and hip pocket.

You will make a decision to embrace freedom of choice and freedom of choice is the best present you can give yourself and your loved ones.

It is the gift that keeps giving 🙂

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