Allure, power, promise

Temptation has a dark side and a light side.

And if you get to know your damaged side and embrace your repeated mistakes, you can eventually taste victory.

As long as you learn from the errors and make an attempt to pinpoint the stimuli, and then, mitigate the resultant behaviours.

And that takes practise.

Practise that usually comes from metaphorically tasting your own blood dripping from self inflicted wounds.

My life has been about temptation.

Giving in.



All of the above.

In no order.

Sometimes and often.




Amplified and ostracized.


There have been times in my life when I have been beaten to a pulp by my own negligence to particular temptations, that I have barely got off the ground.

Skinned knees.

Bruised face.

Bleeding heart.

Yet, I have got up, and my tenacity to live and not give in, has driven me into a better day.


Some of my dawns have been so dark.

Pitch black.

I can hear them calling now.

The damage can be oh so appealing.

Even when you know the price you have to pay.

A handful of sweet, sweet minutes can outweigh a winter of discontent.

The scales of temptation tip a heavy bias to the drip of honey.

The luscious arch of a caramel, bare back can lure you into the abyss, even though you know she clutches a glittering knife to her firm, hidden breasts.

Allure, power, promise and betrayal.

The scent of the tigress.

She hunts me.

She scorns me.

She devours me.

She leaves me to the ants and the bugs.


But herein lies the learning.

When you court the hunter you can catch the padded, footfall of the big cat.

Hear her growl.

When you lure the carnivore you remember the stunning odour of her approach.

Smell her need.

And as you view the scene of the kill from the canopy above, you notice the gaps.

And in the silence of the gaps exists life.

And as you swim in the silence, the sweetness of the huntress can seem so sour.

Her scent can catch and gag.

The huntress is you.

Need to read more?

This is an excerpt from One Day, One Life: P. 136-7. One Day One Life

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