We are what we seek

Family and love have shown me true masculinity, not the old Aussie male syndrome of ego, bravado and bullshit.

And my life is a story of love and family.

Family and love.

Nothing more and nothing less.

A typical love story with all the good and the bad, but more good if you are prepared to look.

We find what we seek.

We are what we seek.

And in my experience and the observation of others experiences, the deepest love is the least dramatic.

Love is a very pure and simple energy.

Yet, like most feelings and emotions, the human endeavour is to complicate.

We complicate, then dilute and finally warp.

Graham Greene, one of the great novelists of the 20th Century wrote;

‘Love is not highly regarded.’

Mr Greene I disagree but the great writer also believed that the happiest man is the man full of ego and evil.

Me thinks the novelist may have complicated, diluted and warped.

Why have we allowed ourselves, our communities and society to get so bound, entwined and tangled?

The recent advent of reality TV and social media hasn’t helped where we celebrate the pathetic and the damaged.

Pathos has become reality, and if you have any doubts just look at the clown leading the United States of America.

He is a parody of manhood.

He is a creation of the society we now seem to applaud.

As a man it can be worrying but I just have to look at the men I hold in high esteem.

My sons, my father, my friends, my mentors.






Even tempered.

Courageous and strong when asked.

Full of respect – of self and others!

Unfortunately, I wasted so many years in active addiction chasing a false image of manhood.

I was also chasing a false image of womanhood.

Images created by advertising and the propaganda of success.

I allowed myself to feel guilty about my gentle kindness and vulnerability, when the solution was in embracing my natural self.

Yes, I love feeling strong and healthy but a strong body is an empty vessel if the mind is warped by a diluted spirit.

Let me repeat:

We are what we seek.

And when I finally forgave myself for the loss and the wrongs of the past, I was able to live in the day and embrace my manhood.

And when I embraced my personal manhood, I started to see that family and love started with my acceptance and gratitude.

Yes acceptance is hard to adopt when our life is a shit sandwich but it will not change unless WE decide to change and move forward.

It starts within.


We are what we seek.

Bravado, false pride, resentment, anger and self pity do not serve me well.

They are the domain of the man I was, not the man I see in my father, sons and friends.

And once again, when I live in acceptance and gratitude, I am able to attract kinder and healthier people into my life.

Simple really.

It’s just taken me fifty years to work it all out.

Need to read more?

Submerge yourself in the infamous Chapter 12 of: P. 31-36. One Day One Life

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