• Every day, I’m just trying not to f*ck things up.

    Hello, my name is Dave. I am a published author, blogger, motivational speaker and an alcoholic.

    I used to be dishonest & calculating – a childish wanker, in fact. Nineteen years ago, I had a choice. Get sober or die.

    I’m a living example of how your life can change.

    And even how life can be saved.

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Hello, my name is Dave. I am a published author, blogger, motivational speaker and an alcoholic.

I used to be dishonest & calculating – a childish fool, in fact.

23 years ago, I had a choice. Get sober or die.

I’m a living example of how your life can change.

And even how life can be saved.

Top 7 Reasons Why I Want the Whole Of Australia To Give Up the Piss For A Year …

1. Work absenteeism would fall

2. Savings would increase

3. Credit Card Debt would decrease

4. Male violence directed at women and children would be isolated

5. Road fatalities would fall

6. Our emergency rooms in hospitals would become serviceable

7. There would be much more smiling in our streets


Yes. Some people can sensibly use illegal drugs and booze socially. Some. Only some. But all the young girls I observed spewing on roads and gutters and trains and flower gardens at the Melbourne Cup were looking beautiful and happy a few hours earlier as they sipped their first vodka cooler. Young men previously laughing together now brawling.

Did they choose this regrettable day’s end?
What the hell happened in between?

Help & Hope through Inspirational offerings

One Day, One Life

Dave’s book, One Day, One Life – The Propaganda of Success tells the story of his struggles with addiction.

One Day, One life – Reader Testimonials

” To be quite honest I am a little lost for words…..or it could be that I just feel like expressing so much after reading it ? Suffice to say that almost every page reflected for me, similar, and in many cases startling identical feelings and experiences. It’s my intention to read it again armed with a highlighter :)) For the last couple of years, on the background of my computer screen, sits an electronic post-it-note that sits there as a reminder of how I’m trying to live my life. On the note it reads……. Between stimulus and response‘.……..I think you know the quote! So you can imagine I was even more hooked from the first pages. Anyway…..it was amazing and it was an inspirational read. Thank you for writing it.”

“If you allow yourself to wind your way slowly through this book it will wrap itself around your heart and seep into your soul. There is much hard-earned and prophetic wisdom in her pages. Whilst this should be read by everyone living in Sydney its words resonate far beyond this city to the heart of what it means to be a part of the family of humanity. You won’t read this book, this book will read you…

” I really enjoyed this book…a punchy, dark, gritty tale of descending into the dark halls of addiction hell and back out the other side into the sunlight of recovery. I’m normally a tad wary (and weary) of some of the stuff coming out of the recovery/ confessional tale-of-woe genre, but this book is made of sterner stuff and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. In short, real. Set against the background of Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the underbelly of King’s Cross the narrative voice tells the story of a young life torn to shreds by alcohol and drugs…The final chapters offer insights on all kinds of topics, from debt to love to ADHD and more, which are refreshing and based on the author’s experience, strength and hope. Well worth the read.”

“I’m so grateful that our paths crossed through your book. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to be a better person. Love and light.”

“Just wanted to thank you personally for your contribution to society in penning ‘One Day One Life, the propaganda of success’. As a sober alcoholic of more than three years, Western capitalism nearly killed me. I am finally free. I quit my corporate job, now helping women suffering as a direct result of Western impairments and disabilities. Thank you again. You rock!”

“Great book. This book provides much food for thought for anyone who has asked the question of what it is to feel happiness in today’s age. To question all the things we strive towards in our life and whether that brings us happiness, or just glosses over the emptiness and isolation that many people feel….I found it hard to go more than a few pages without stumbling on a pearl of wisdom, where Dave has put in a few words something that at once seem so obvious but that no one has stated previously.”

Loud About Addiction – #ThoughtRadio

Podcast Series with Bondi Radio

Dave shares his soul, thoughts and expertise through a series of raw and gritty thought leader interviews with Tom Cartwright – a young man who has also struggled with addiction from a very young age and now coaches others through his 90 day sobriety challenge.

8 Episodes – Video Podcasts

Watching this series is Netflix binge-style damn GOOD addictive

If you’re struggling with any sort of addiction, when you press play on any of these videos be prepared not to want to stop watching. But that’s OK. Just grab your road to recovery blankie and get right into it. This is the good stuff. The series evolves (as you will) so it’s best to start at EPISODE 1 and work through numerically. Enjoy.